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Application Example

Resolvers Application Example

Brushless resolver is highly reliable rotary measurement sensor.
Incessant vibration and repeated shock at a constructive site or in a factory.
The more your car runs, the more severe the environment in the engine room becomes.
Even under such conditions, guarantee steadfast safety and reliability of your car.

Rotary sensor of robot joint drive motor

Application to feeding sensors of weaving machines

Application to turning control of hydraulic shovels

Application to sensor of horizontally articulated robot

Servo Motors/Drivers/Controllers Application Example

In addition to automation of manufacturing processes formerly conducted manually, application of our SV-NET system in various manufacturing settings greatly contributes to customer’s business development. Not only for on-site manufacturing application, SV-NET also demonstrates its worth in any other occasion that needs motion control.

Industrial robots

Humanoid robots

Coating equipment

Conveyor systems

Automatic doors for moving bodies

Step Motors/Drivers Application Example

Simple positioning control by high torque and sensor less motors

X-Y Table

Wire belt work

For feeder of chip maunder

Actuator for FA

For driving satellite mounted equipment

Medical scientific analysis device, biochemical analysis device

Surveillance camera