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VR Type Resolver (Singlsyn)

Reborn as a six lineups!

It is ultra-thin absolute type angle detector with a strong high reliability in high temperature, vibration and shock.
The Singlsyn has higher reliability and can be produced at lower cost as it does not have a coil on its rotor. Forming the rotor core into a special shape and changing the width of the gap between the rotor core and the stator core generates changes in the amplitude of the output voltage. The Singlsyn can be installed in a minimal amount of space due to the ultra-thin structure of the built-in model.
(Singlsyn is our trademark for VR type Resolver.)

VR Type Resolver (Singlsyn)


High temperature Resistance
Wide Temperature Range -40 to +150℃
Vibration Resistance / Shock Resistance
Vibration : 196 m/sec2 (20G)
Shock : 980 m/sec2 (100G)
Humidity : 90 % RH over
High velocity revolution
Max Operating Speed:20,000 min-1 (TSY1050 :10,000min-1
Low Cost
By reducing the number of parts compared to Smartsyn, cost reduction has been achieved.
Super-thin shape
Singlsyn has achieved smallest mounting space because ofits extremely thin thickness as a built-in structure.
Sensing Absolute Position and Velocity
According to connection to a R/D converter,it is capable of converting analog output signals of Singlsyn to digital position (angle) signals. The position signals are transmitted as the absolute position within a range of electrical one cycle.

Line up

Type  TSY1010   TSY1020  TSY1030  TSY1040   TSY1050 
Appearance TSY1010 TSY1020 TSY1030 TSY1030 TSY1040 TSY1050
Stator Outer Diameter Φ59.5 mm Φ80 mm Φ101 mm Φ106 mm Φ132 mm Φ167 mm
Rotor Inner Diameter Φ9.52 mm Φ25 mm Φ45 mm Φ45 mm Φ60 mm Φ100 mm
Resolver Pole 2X to 4X 2X to 5X 2X to 5X 2X to 5X 2X to 5X 2X to 6X

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