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Non-shaking System

In recent years, there has been an increasing needs in the transportation sector for delivering valuable and expensive loads safely without vibration or shaking. Currently, vibration isolator with flexible support materials such as springs and rubber materials have been used to protect loads. However, vibration is not necessarily reduced because vibration may be amplified due to resonance of flexible support materials. In addition, it was impossible to prevent the effects of vehicle inclination, and shaking loads by acceleration of speed-up, speed-down and turning.

The Non-shaking System is an innovative device developed to meet the needs of the transportation sector. We can reduce these vibrations and achieve quantitative transportation quality by combining JAXA's vibration isolation technology and Tamagawa Seiki's stabilization & anti-rocking technology.

The application of this system is transportation of aircraft parts, space equipment parts, precision equipment, cultural properties, and works of art that are easily affected by vibration, as well as new coronavirus vaccines, which are required to be transported in a stable and handled carefully to avoid vibration.


1. Vibration isolator capable of handling a wide variety of loads

JAXA's vibration isolation technology enables vibration isolators to accommodate a wide variety of loads by positioning and adjusting springs and rubber materials at optimal locations.

2. Avoiding the effects of vehicle inclination, rocking in speed-up, speed-down and turning.

Tamagawa Seiki's stabilization technology can be applied to reduce the effects of vehicle inclination, and rocking in speed-up, speed-down and turning.


※Non-shaking system was developed with support of JST: Japan Science and Technology agency, in A-STEP: Adaptable and Seamless Technology transfer Program through target driven R&D. For details, see the following.

[Press release of JST]

This development was also supported by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Datatec Co., Ltd. and MATSUI Co., Ltd.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Datatec Co., Ltd.

MATSUI Co., Ltd.

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