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Instruments and devices covering ground facilities to space stations.
To provide a highly reliable technology in space , Spacetronics.

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Installation example

Component for Satellite

Our products have been installed in many satellites for 30 years.

◆ High-Accuracy Angle Sensor
A high-accuracy angle sensor used for antennas of satellites and pointing mechanism of observation equipment is combined with R/D (Resolver/Digital) converter for space application. Foreign-made products were chosen in Japan before, however, Tamagawa sensor has realized the high-accuracy, high-reliability, low power consumption, miniaturization and light weight and been continuously chosen for domestic satellites in recent years. This sensor won the "JAXA Chief Director Prize" at Space Develop Utilization Award.

Stepping Motor

High-Accuracy Angle Sensor for Space Application
(Entrusted development by JAXA)

Component for Microsatellite

Recently, small size and ultra-small satellites which enable the short-term development and the cost reduction have been receiving a lot of notice while the increase in size of satellites has been promoted by remarkable progress in rocket technology.

KIBO JEM (Japanese Experiment Module) ON-BOARD EQUIPMENT

Tamagawa Seiki provides the International Sapce Station (ISS)/ JEM Projects with our products.

Drive Unit for Docking Mechanism

Drive Unit for Docking Mechanism

Drive Units for Airlock

Angle Detectors

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