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3-axis FOG Unit/IRU

3-AXIS Fiber Optical Gyro(FPG) unit for micro-satellite thet deceloped with Next generation Space systems Technology Research Association (NESTRA)


  • High precision accuracy
  • Low cost and quick delivery by using commercial-off-shelf parts
  • Low power consumptions by the commercial new type CPU

Main Specifications

Item Value Remarks
Rate range 土5°/sec, 土10°/sec
Bias ≦5°/hr
Bias stabillity ≦1.73゜/h (1σ) Alan varianve 1sec
Linearity error 0.1%FS less
Measurement frequency 20Hz
dimensions 135 x 150 x 48mm
Mass ≦ 1.2kg
Voltage 15 or 28VDC
Power consumption ≦ 3.5W
Data interface RS422(Other on request)
Operating temperature -10 ~ +50℃
Non-operating temperature -20 ~ +60℃


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