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Business Summary

From sensor to system, out products support advanced technology of various field of application.

Servo Component

From position and angle sensor to every kind of servo motor, our products play an important role in wide range of fields.
Servo motor for positioning of industrial robot and machine tool, VR resolver for angle detection of electric vehicle and hybrid car, and stepping motor for pachinko and slot machine etc.

  • Encoders
  • Resolvers
  • Synchros
  • Rate Sensors
  • Gyros
  • LVDT
  • AC Servo Motors
  • Step Motors etc.

AC Servo Motors

VR Resolvers(Singlsyn)



We propose a system article to advanced industrial field.
Our advanced technology is utilized for angle detection of antenna for space observation requiring angle accuracy of 0.1 second or less, position and velocity control requiring precision of micron unit and labor saving and automation of industrial robot, machine tool, steel industry and dam.
We have recently developed and manufactured various labor saving construction methods and self-diagnostic robot in construction and civil engineering field according to customer’s needs.

  • Drivers/Controllers
  • Tri - Axis Inertial Measurement Unit
  • Stabilized Camera System
  • Tamagawa Under Ground Navigator etc.

Servo Drivers


Stabilized Camera System


  • Stabilized Camera System
  • FG beads Magnetic Nanoparticles

FG beads