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VR Type Resolver (Doublsyn)

Doublsyn is Small VR Resolver with redundancy feature.

Doublsyn is a new type of rotational angle sensor with high accuracy, noise resistance, and redundancy, in addition to the flatness, reliability, and environmental resistance of a conventional VR type resolver.
It achieves high-precision motion control for customers and contributes to the downsizing and redundancy of motors.
The Doublsyn signal can be digitally converted with our new R/D Converter (VRDC).

VR Type Resolver (Doublsyn)


Implemented of high precision angle detection
The error included in the two angular outputs signal are cancel each other, as the result, Doublsyn is implemented high-precision angle detection.
Improvement of noise resistance
The phase modulation (PM) method improves noise resistance.
Implemented Redundant function
Angle information is continuously output even if one of the four phase signals of two-phase excitation/two-phase output is disconnected.

Line up

Type TSY7020 TSY7030
Stator Outer Diameter Φ52(0/-0.04)mm Φ101(-0.005/-0.045) mm
Rotor Outer Diameter Φ25(+0.048/+0.018)mm Φ45(+0.048/+0.018) mm
Thickness of the Stator and Rotor 4 mm
Power Source 3 V p-p, 10 kHz
Function VRS (Two-phase excitation/two-phase output)
Number of Multiple (Resolver Pole) 4X (Axial multiple angle can be prototype other than 4X)
Transformation Ratio 0.2 ±8%
Accuracy (width) ±7.5′ MAX
Input Impedance 45Ω ±10% 75Ω ±10%
Operating Temp. Range -40 to +150℃
Max Operating Speed 30,000 min-1
Mass (Stator) 50 g 120 g
Mass (Rotor) 15 g 25 g

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