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Screening System for Drug Discovery Research ( Magnetic Nanoparticles, Automatic Screening Equipments)


In drug discovery research, it is important to identify and separate a protein at which a medicine is targeting and to make a functional analysis of the protein. However, identification and separation of a target protein have been very difficult and required a lot of time and labor.

We have developed a screening system (magnetic nanoparticles and automatic screening equipments) for drug discovery research under collaboration with Prof. Hiroshi Handa of Tokyo Institute of Technology.

The magnetic nanoparticles are carriers for affinity purification. They have the following superior characteristics unseen in existing carriers.
(1) Magnetic nanoparticles enable an effective chemical bond because they are nano-sized and have excellent dispersibility.
(2) Magnetic nanoparticles hardly show nonspecific absorption of proteins.
(3) Magnetic nanoparticles are tolerant to organic solvents and can immobilize ligands (molecules that trap target proteins). The magnetic nanoparticles for affinity purification have realized one-step purification of target proteins.

Moreover, the automatic screening equipment which performs magnetic separation and dispersion has enabled automation of affinity purification process, simultaneous treatment of multiple samples, and time-saving.

Screening System Lineup
Magnetic Nanoparticles

TEM image
Surface structure of the magnetic nanoparticles can be modified depending upon your needs
High-performance Magnetic Nanoparticles (2MB)
Automatic Screening Equipments
Target Angler 96
Target Angler 24
Target Angler 8
Bio Screening System (0.2MB)

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