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We strive to become more environment-friendly, to become an enterprise worthy of ever-greater trust by our customers.

Since its foundation, Tamagawa Seiki has taken up the challenge of angular precision for control equipment, such as high-precision sensors, motors and gyros, and successfully delivered such equipment to its customers.
We are now one of the few makers in the world with the capability to develop and manufacture both two-dimensional and three-dimensional (spatial) position/angle sensors.
We have applied leading-edge high-precision sensor technology to our "Motion System,"whose fields of application are extending even to the space industry.

(Overseas Business Division)


Phone: +81-265-56-5423
China area tamagawahk8@biznetvigator.com Phone: +852-2753-9868
Establishment March3, 1938
Capitalization ¥100 million
Board of Directors CEO & Chairman : Hiroyuki Hagimoto (D. Eng.)
Vice Chairman : Norifumi Hagimoto
COO & President : Shigeo Seki
Executive Director : Hiroshi Hagimoto
Executive Director : Hideo Kumagai (D. Eng.)
Executive Director : Masashi Uryu
Director : Mamoru Tsukadaira
Director : Kanji Kitazawa (D. Eng.)
Director : Tadanori Matsuo
Director : Hiroshi Kushihara
Director : Kazuyuki Miyazawa
Director : Hiroshi Miyazaki
Auditor : Toshiaki Ito
Number of employees 730
Address of head office and first plant 1879 Ohyasumi, Iida, Nagano Prefecture, 395-8515 Japan
Locations of branch office and plants Tokyo office
3-19-9 Shinkamata, Ohta-ku, Tokyo, 144-0054 Japan
Second Plant
1020 Kega, Iida, Nagano Prefecture, 395-8520 Japan
Third Plant
3174-22 Moto-Ohjima, Matsukawa, Shimoina-gun, Nagano Prefecture, 399-3303 Japan
Hachinohe plant
1-3-47 Kita-inter Kogyo-danchi, Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, 039-2245 Japan
Business lines Servo components (encoders, resolvers, rate sensors, gyros, AC servo motors, DC servo motors, step motors, torque motors, alternators, LVDTs, etc.); Motor driver
controllers; Robots; Inertial measuring units; Automatic control devices
Sales ¥35.7 billion(as of November 2015; November 20 is our account settlement date)
Sales company Tamagawa Trading Co., Ltd.
CEO & Chairman : Hiroyuki Hagimoto(D. Eng.)
Vice Chairman : Norifumi Hagimoto
President : Akifumi Arai
Director : Toshikazu Sato
Director : Yasuo Hagimoto
Director : Takamitsu Nagase
Director : Hiroshi Miyazaki
Auditor : Toshiaki Ito
Major clients Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; Kawasaki Heavy Industries; Fuji Heavy Industries; Mitsubishi Electric; NEC; Toshiba; Hitachi; Matsushita Electric Industrial; TOYOTA; HONDA; ABB Automation Technology Products AB;Honeywell Inc.; Rockwell Collins Ministry of Defense ; Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency etc.


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