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Private-sector Industrial Machinery

Private-sector Industrial MachineryThe No.1 Equipment Production Department is in manufacture of products to meet private demands.

They are, for instance, products for antenna angle detection in the space observation area that requires angular resolution of 1 to 2 seconds and products for position control or speed control that requires micron-order accuracy. Our control technology is also incorporated into products for labor saving and automation in the FA area, such as industrial robots and machine tools, the steel industry and nuclear power generation.

Recently, our leading-edge technologies are also finding their way into various labor-saving processes and self-diagnostic robots for applications in the construction and civil engineering fields.

Principal Products

  • Iron and steel equipment
  • Water treatment equipment
  • Vehicle equipment
  • Automatic and labor-saving equipment in civil engineering and construction
  • Nautical equipment
  • Nuclear power generation equipment
  • Peripheral equipment for semiconductor manufacture
  • Machine tool components
  • Physical distribution equipment
  • Applied optics equipment
  • Medical care equipment
  • Spatial stability equipment
  • Test and inspection equipment
  • Servo drivers and controllers
  • Tracking balls and mouse
  • Teaching aids
  • Leisure equipment


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