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Hachinohe Plant

Tamagawa Seiki's Hachinohe Plant was built in November 2000 as the company's 21st-century R&D base for the field of motion control; however, it also serves as a strategic production base with easy access to land, sea and air transport infrastructure – a great advantage when it comes to serving international markets. The plant currently engages in the manufacture of angle sensors, servo motors, step motors, trackball products, automatic control equipment and the like while also housing a motion control research laboratory to spearhead R&D endeavors in this field. The plant performs a seamless operation from R&D through to production and quality control.


As is the case with the Headquarters Plant, the Hachinohe Plant operates in accordance with the Tamagawa New Production (TNP) System, which has been designed to promote constant improvements and adjustments by scrutinizing all aspects of operation, from R&D to production, from every possible angle. This enables the plant to maintain all-encompassing, highly reliable quality control and pursue the most effective environmental conservation measures – practices worthy of the ISO 9001-certified Tamagawa Seiki. Our leading-edge TAMAGAWA products have consistently been rewarded with the “Trust” of our customers. The years to come will see an increasing number of Tamagawa products from the Hachinohe Plant, in addition to those from the Headquarters Plant, cater to high-tech needs of our customers not only in Japan but also in the United States and Europe.


1-3-47 Kita-inter Kogyo-danchi, Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture

Main Products

Angle sensors (synchros, resolvers, encoders), motors (servo motors, step motors), trackballs, automatic control equipment

Plant Scale

Total area: 36,386m2
Production plant building: 2,991m2
Research laboratory: 1,096m2
Die-casting shop: 982m2

Output Capacity

Brushless synchros and resolvers (Smartsyn): 30,000 units/month
Synchros: 3,000 units/month
Encoders: 15,000 units/month
Step motors: 100,000 units/month
Servo motors: 4,000 units/month


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