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Car Application

Introduced here are products for the transportation industry. Today we are responsible for conservation of the global environment not only as individual members of society but also as corporate citizens. At Tamagawa Seiki, it is a given that each and every product exceeds our customers' rigid requirements for high precision. More than that, however, our products must contribute to our customers' highly efficient operations. Minimal fuel consumption and alleviation of losses are just two of the many customer needs that must be met.
Our products currently find wide application in hybrid cars and other automobiles, Shinkansen bullet trains, escalators and elevators, among others.
We have an array of products that can readily respond to the technological challenge of environmental conservation. Almost all of our customers are truly environment-conscious, and we feel confident in recommending these products as the right choice. Just try our resolvers and encoders, and you will be impressed with the result -- high efficiency and high precision.


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